Heat Pump

All Seasons Hot Water supplies and installs the Sanden Eco® Hot Water Heat Pump System.

Sanden Heat pump

The Sanden Eco® Hot Water Heat Pump System works in a different way compared to a conventional electric hot water system. The Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System operates like a refrigerator in reverse. It contains a fan that forces air through an evaporator that contains a refrigerant. The heat in the air passes through the evaporator and is absorbed by a natural refrigerant, R744 (CO2), which is ozone friendly and does not contribute to global warming. Using this technology you can save up to 78% of your hot water energy usage, all the while being  the quietest heat pump at 38dBa. Using only 1kW of electricity to produce 4.5kW of heat energy

What other heater manufacturer can give you all this

  • Stainless Steel tank with 15year warranty
  • 3year warranty on compressor making only 38dBa of whisper quiet sound and using environmentally friendly CO2 refrigerant
  • 3 different sizes suit every family (315L, 250L and 160L)
  • Highest STC rebate on a heat pump
  • Can be located up to 4m apart from each other
  • Save you up to 78% off your hot water energy bill
  • Can be used on off peak tariff
  • Can heat your water in below zero temperatures (-10`c) without an electric element back up
  • Ready to use hot water after 30mins thanks to is top down heating
  • Low cost installation compared to Solar Hot Water and no panels on your roof
  • Built in timer so you can control what time your heater turns on, which means you can take advantage of time of day metering and use the cheapest rate or if you have PV panels you could choose for your heater to use free energy from the sun

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